1 January

2016: Year In Review

As we get started, I want to share something I learned toward the end of this year from a new friend and strategic business partner of mine, Chuck Blakeman. He shared something that was told to him by his mother years ago: “There are no excuses or even reasons—there are only priorities.” It’s hard for me […]

14 June

The Meaning Of Life (Yes, Seriously)

Originally posted on Excellence Reporter Almost 3 years ago, one of my best friends in the world died after a horrific battle with cancer. He was 34, quite possibly the most talented musician I’ve ever met (and I know a lot of these folks), and without question one of the finest human beings I’ll ever know. An experience […]

28 January

“Everything Runs On Energy…” In The Huffington Post

“Everything Runs On Energy…” In The Huffington Post

Don’t miss my new article in The Huffington Post! Here’s a little teaser… Take a look around you. Yes, really. Right now. What do you see? You might see lamps that are on, providing light for your workspace. You might see heating/cooling vents, pumping air that keeps your office at a comfortable temperature. You might look out […]