4 June

Conscious Capitalism In Los Angeles

A couple friends and I are helping start a Conscious Capitalism chapter here in Los Angeles, and we’re throwing a launch party to get it going! Join us: Thursday, June 19 @ 7:00pm at PwrdBy HQ in Venice If you’re not familiar with Conscious Capitalism, it’s an organization that promotes a more purposeful and stakeholder-centric model […]

7 April

What Does A Great Workplace Look Like?

Recently, I was invited into a circle of work revolutionaries who are drafting a “declaration” that accurately describes the essence of the global movement we’re seeing towards more life-giving organizations. Not a Declaration of Independence, but a “Declaration of Awesome Companies,” if you will. As part of this process, one of our tasks is to […]

21 March

Advice For My Daughter: ‘Real’ and ‘Tangible’ Are Not The Same

It took me a long time to truly grasp this one, but you’ll probably be much smarter than me. Many people speak as though “real” things are the same as “tangible” things. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Here’s a quick list of things you don’t have to hold in your hands to feel […]