The Work I Do—And Why It’s Not “Soft”

May 12, 2016By Josh Allan DykstraLeadership 2 Comments

Originally posted on my consulting firm’s website. We often bump into the idea that the kind of work we do at Forte is perceived as “warm and fuzzy” by businesspeople. (My friend Shawn just expressed something similar on his site.) The work we do isn’t “fuzzy” or “soft,” but this is quite a persistent myth. Let me explain why … Read More

What Makes DaVita Amazing

November 11, 2015By Josh Allan DykstraLeadership No Comments

David Hoerman, the chief wisdom officer at DaVita, says, “Our beliefs drive our behaviors, which drive our results. When we all share the same beliefs, the right behaviors follow that benefit our patients, our business and beyond. We call each other on our behaviors that don’t align with those beliefs.” DaVita’s revenue has exploded from … Read More

Collaboration & Apple’s Perfectionism

November 2, 2015By Josh Allan DykstraLeadership No Comments

“Ever since Steve came back [in 1997] and worked with Jony on redefining the entire process, the industrial design teams [and] the engineering teams are joined at the hip in the work they do,” Schiller said. “They think up solutions to problems together as the disciplines are merged into a seamless process.” Inside Apple’s Perfectionism … Read More