12 January

“One Diagram To Rule Them All” On StrengthscopeUS.com

This week’s article is one I just wrote for my company blog—read the intro below and click the image or link for the rest! As we look into the fresh beginnings of a new year, I wanted to offer a bold idea that could absolutely transform your organization in 2017: What if you could replace your entire people strategy […]

4 November

“The Real Difference Between Leaders And Managers…” In The Huffington Post

Don’t miss my latest article in The Huffington Post! Here’s a little teaser… It’s popular to make a distinction between “managers” and “leaders.” For example, if you were to type “difference between managers and leaders” into Google, you’d get over 20,000 results. (Try it out.) People love to discuss and debate this statement. As the traditional thinking goes, […]

12 May

The Work I Do—And Why It’s Not “Soft”

The Work I Do—And Why It’s Not “Soft”

Originally posted on my consulting firm’s website. We often bump into the idea that the kind of work we do at Forte is perceived as “warm and fuzzy” by businesspeople. (My friend Shawn just expressed something similar on his site.) The work we do isn’t “fuzzy” or “soft,” but this is quite a persistent myth. Let me explain why […]