What We’re Missing About The Science Of Strengths on ICF

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Almost ten years ago, I learned my strengths.

It was life-changing.

Before I learned about what I now call “a strengths approach to life,” I believed I was supposed to be all things to all people. I thought that if I wasn’t good at everything, the solution was to study more and work harder in the areas of my deficiencies. I tried very hard to be a more well-rounded person in life and a more well-rounded leader at work.

When I learned about another approach—namely, the perspective that applied positive psychology provides—I felt dramatically liberated. In an instant, it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders; the simple knowledge that NO ONE is good at everything was profoundly meaningful. It set me free.

And then it didn’t.

As I dove deeper into the strengths approach, I discovered a hole—a gap in my new shiny armor…



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