How To Start A Revolution On Switch & Shift

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After the Summit, I was going to write a poignant and insightful blog post reflecting on my time in NYC. Then my good friends over at Switch & Shift emailed me and said, “Hey! You should write something about the Summit!”

So, I wrote it, but it isn’t here — it’s there.

I hope you’ll mosey on over to Switch & Shift and check it out. It contains my five biggest insights for how to start a revolution… I think you’ll enjoy it.

Viva la Revolution!


Photo Courtesy of Brent Burdick


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1 Comment

  1. Meg
    October 14, 2013

    Great points, sounds like a very interesting summit. I really enjoyed the mention of recognition for the introverts just as much as the extroverts, Just because some people aren’t as vocal, does not mean they don’t have just as much of significance to add. It takes all kinds, and it’s best to market ‘WHY’ to everyone.


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