I’m happy to report that I’ve officially published my first article in Forbes! Click the picture below to click through and check it out. In the article I explore a new way for startups and entrepreneurs to approach creating their company culture — namely, in a much more “organic” fashion. This is a topic that I am incredibly passionate about, and you’ll be hearing a lot more from me about it in the very near future. (Hint: this is what The Work Revolution movement will be targeting…)

How To Build An Astonishingly Great Startup Culture

Startup Culture On ForbesThe word “organization” and the word “organism” come from the same root word, and company culture bears many similarities to natural ecosystems. The way founders do business in the beginning are the seeds for what kind of company they will develop in two, five, and ten years.

Whether you know it or not, the way you run your startup now is setting the stage for what is acceptable and what’s not in your budding organization.

If you want an energizing, productive, and astonishing company culture, there are four core disciplines you must “plant” in order to grow it:



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