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Recently I did an article for The Agency Post, which is an interactive publication for ad, PR and marketing professionals. It starts with an excerpt from my book, but then goes on with a customized end to illustrate some very actionable steps forward — if, by chance, you’d like to “un-suck” your organization in some way. Click on the logo or link below to read the whole thing!

The Agency Post

Why Your Organization Sucks (And How to Change That)

Yes, I do mean your organization.

But it’s not really your fault.

It just so happens that all of our organizations suck. And I mean this quite literally. They are life-sucking. Our companies — how they are structured now — suck in (at least) three ways:

  1. They suck the resources from our planet — often with no long-term thought of the repercussions.
  2. They suck the energy out of us — the people who work for them — by treating us like we are machines.
  3. They suck the meaning from our existence through pointless tasks that don’t create any authentic value for us or larger society.

Often they suck in the more “informal” sense by being too slow, too bureaucratic and too static.

The organizational systems we’ve built encourage slowness over speed and command and control over collaboration.

They emphasize process over passion and homogeneousness over imagination.

They reward rule-makers instead of rule-breakers.

But a slow, process-driven, rule-filled world isn’t the world we live in — at least not anymore.

Our companies are built for a different time playing by yesterday’s rules, not tomorrow’s.

They’re living in a world that doesn’t exist…




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