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A new friend of mine (and now a Strengthscope Accredited Partner of ours, as well), Shawn Murphy,  has a terrific website called Shift & Switch where he and his co-authors are constantly showcasing and exploring better ways to do business.

Over the next few weeks, they’ve gathered what they call their “League of Extraordinary Thinkers” to contribute posts around the topic of employee engagement. I am completely honored to be a voice in the chorus.

For my guest post, I wanted to explore some of the “deeper” issues that keep us from creating more energizing workplaces. We ended up splitting it into two parts:

Why Engagement Sucks, And The Two Things We Need To Fix It – Part 1

Why Engagement Sucks, And The Two Things We Need To Fix It – Part 2

Please stop by, leave a comment (or two!) and support the other fantastic writers/thinkers that are part of this series.

After all, where do you spend more of your time than work?

There are few conversations more important than how to better the place where we spend the majority of our lives.


Photo courtesy of  Andrew Vasil’ev


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