This is a popular question. Sometimes it is blatantly asked, but usually it’s just implied in the way we behave, because how we act generally depends on which group we’re in.

Are you a “Smarter” or a “Harder“?

There are a few challenges with this question. First, whichever group we’re in tends to make us think the other group doesn’t really exist. Everyone thinks like I do, right? No, actually NO ONE thinks exactly like you (and that’s great!).

The second problem is even worse. If we gravitate towards one group or the other, deep down we also tend to think the other way is inherently “wrong” somehow. Our preference can make us think the other group is stupid.

It’s easy for a group of hard workers to belittle the importance of the thinkers. “They have no idea how hard we work!” (not appreciating how hard the thinkers work, just in a different way).

It’s just as easy for a group of thinkers to decry the workers. “If they would only think before they act!” (not appreciating that the hard workers have probably never been asked for their opinion or given the permission to use it).

This is the real problem with this question: it leads us to assume one of these approaches is inherently better than the other.

It’s not.

Both need each other.

And our approach to this question will make each other’s lives better or worse.


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