Last week I had coffee with a new friend who told me a bit of her story. When she got hired with a previous company, she was a perfect fit — her manager loved her, she was the greatest invention since direct deposit (seriously, is there anything better!?), she could do no wrong. All was well in the world. Then, one day, that manager leaves and a new one takes the place. Suddenly, my friend is a “terrible fit for the organization”… and on her way out.

This story reminded me that as I continue my search for a good job fit, I have to remember that organization fit actually has very little to do with the organization. As humans, we naturally gather into small, manageable tribes (companies call them “departments”, “groups,” or “teams”), and the culture of that tribe always comes from its direct leader. It doesn’t come from the organization’s posted values or the executive team in some far-off conference room — it comes from that singular manager who lives in that little world.

Organizational fit is just like engagement; everything that is really important happens at the local level.

All the more reason to make sure every single manager is on the same page with our organizational mission, right?

P.S. Yes, I realize I just did a “This Has Nothing To Do With That” post, but garsh, I love me some bizarre juxtapositions and unconventional thinking.


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